Steel Perforated Supply (24x24)

Item# PERF-24x24
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Product Description

Steel Perforated Supply (24x24)
TITUS perforated ceiling diffusers are designed for both heating and cooling applications.

Excellent performance in variable air volume systems. A tight, uniform, horizontal blanket of air protects the ceiling against smudging.

Return models have the same face and border construction as the supply models, for harmonious appearance in the room.

Discharge pattern (supply models) can be adjusted to vertical as well as to 1, 2, 3,or 4-way horizontal. Can be adjusted before or after installation.

Discharge pattern is easily adjusted by unlatching and dropping the perforated face, then rotating the pattern controllers.

Dropping the perforated face also gives access to the optional damper.

Perforated face has 3/16-inch diameter holes on 1/4-inch staggered centers.

Inlet collar (neck) has ample depth for easy duct connection.

Material is heavy gauge steel back pan; steel or aluminum perforated face according to the model selected.